About Us

After an intensive study of the real estate market during the last ten years and in light of the real estate boom in the United Arab Emirates, Latin was launched by a group of experts in the real estate market and contracting in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, dedicating all that they harvested during their years of work to be Latin one of the best leading companies in the field of real estate investment.

We strive for Latin to be the best option and the strongest competitor in the field of real estate investment.

Our vision:

We strive for Latin to be the best option and the strongest competitor in the field of real estate investment.

Latin Real Estate Development

Our goals

Helping gentlemen clients to own their dream home of the highest quality possible regardless of their different goals of ownership , in this way , we guarantee a stable life and the best income in the market for our customers, Forming a team of employees at the highest professional level capable of facing market challenges Parthership with major companies working in the field of real estate and contracting.

Our Values :

Credibility and quality are the values and morals of our team, with its management, employees and workers, and not just written slogans Passion for success and determination to be the best.

We can help you sell, buy or rent any residential or commercial property that suits your needs. Real Estate Marketing: Marketers for the largest real estate developer companies inside and outside the UAE. Real Estate Management: Experts in real estate management for the benefit of the owners. Real estate investment: We help you to get the best possible return on your property Decoration and interior finishes: We have the best engineers specialized in decoration and interior finishing works General maintenance: carrying out all internal and external maintenance work.

Our services :
Design & Decoration & maintenance.
Real Estate Investment.
Real estate brokerage :
We have a team of real estate brokers who can assist you sell , buy or rent any residential or commercial propertes that suits your needs.
Real estate Marketing :
The most important thing that distinguishes us is a sales team from the best professional marketers inside & out side of UAE , in addition to a professional team in electronic marketing with all its programs.

Real estate Management

Experts in real estate management for the benefit of the owners & we help you to get the best possible return on your property.

Architectural design:

We have a team of the most skilled architects to design your future home with the most beautiful and latest designs according to scientific and technical foundations to make your home a wonderful masterpiece .

Latin Real Estate20

Installation of suspended ceilings and partitions:

Design and implementation of all types of suspended ceilings and lighting partitions, which include interiors and interiors for stores, offices, hotel lobbies, and interiors of hotel suites, homes and villas.

Floor and wall works:

design and implementation of all carpentry and flooring services for shops and residential buildings. The implementation is carried out by a professional and specialized team to give the service a luxurious look for the home or workplace. Executing all tiling works, including supplying and installing internal and external walls and floors, and squares with various types of tiles (ceramic – marble – granite – terrazzo – interlock – printed concrete ) .

Engraving and decoration works:

design and implementation of all kinds of classical and modern inscriptions and decorations and the ensuing antique and coloring works under the supervision of a specialized decorator and a team specialized in implementing the latest designs with high accuracy .

Dyes and paints works:

Executing all paints, dyes and coloring works with the latest methods to suit modern decors with
the availability of supplying all shades of colors in addition to all works attached to dyeing works
such as puttying, insulation and maintenance of the affected areas .

Landscape works:

We design and implement all landscape works, coordinate gardens, outdoor sessions and terraces,
provide all kinds of natural and artificial ornamental plants, design and implement waterfalls .


We offer a wide variety of furnishings for bedrooms, boards, kitchens, hotel lobbies, entrances to homes, villas, and children’s rooms, commensurate with the decorations and designs executed .

General maintenance services:

maintenance of all electrical and control systems for homes, villas and shops, maintenance of all air-conditioning systems (central – normal), ventilation and air purification, maintenance of all plumbing services and sanitary installations (sweet and salt water), and all ventilation and drainage pipelines in all types of buildings (buildings – villas) – Shops) in addition to providing all high quality cleaning services for all types of buildings (residential – commercial) with pest .

Our projects:

We have several projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including designing and implementing Majlis, maintenance of villas, modernization and alteration of home decor and landscaping work. Latin has a footprint in major projects in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf, such as the Reem Mall project in Abu Dhabi.